Keeping it short and sweet tonight with something I wrote a while ago that I just stumbled across. It made me think. How many people and things in life are so wonderfully captivating that you don’t want them to end? And how many walk the dichotomous line between building you up and being your downfall?

You’re the chapter I don’t want to end,
And the book that was too short.

You’re my greatest inspiration,
And my most intoxicating fall.


Love makes us feel crazy things. Wrote this while watching a monsoon storm roll in just now.


Dark and light.
Love and hate.
Right and wrong.
Positive and negative.
Full and empty.
Longing and good riddance.

These are all things I feel for you.
With you, there’s never an in-between.
All in or all out, in love or in emotional purgatory.

I miss you everyday yet as much as I do,
I push you away.
Because for too long, I had to pull.
I had to pull for your time, your focus, your energy, and now, your love.

I’ll fight for us, but I don’t want to.
I want someone who will fight back, just as hard.
And right now, there seems to be no fight within you, not even for me.

You bring to me so much light, yet most of the time my emotions are left dancing alone in the dark.
You make a mess of me, yet you make more sense than anything I’ve ever known.